Tommy Thompson with Gregg Allman & Friends - 1998
Tommy Thompson 1998
(Photo by John E. Schwarzell)

Tommy Thompson is a well established musician in the S.F. Bay Area music scene. In 1972 he released his first album with Cookin' Mama titled "New Day". While gigging in the S.F. club scene Tommy eventually joined up with the band Hyts in 1979. Hyts released 2 albums for A&M Records titled "Hyts" and "Lookin from the Outside". The band made one video for the up and coming cable channel MTV, made national TV appearances on such shows as ABC's Rock Palace and toured frequently throughout the U.S. Tommy is the longtime leader of the well known "Alameda All Stars". Gregg Allman and Tommy first played together when Gregg showed up at an Alameda All Stars gig in 1990. They hit it off, and the rest is history! From New Year's Eve 1990 until 2001, Tommy toured throughout the U.S., Japan and Canada with Gregg Allman & Friends. Tommy also contributed his talents to the songs "Memphis in the Meantime" and "Startin' Over" from Gregg's 1997 release, "Searching for Simplicity", which was produced by the legendary Tom Dowd for Sony/550 records. Tommy's spirit and diversity were unending and were a big part of the GA&F live show!